why we fight..

”I remember as a kid in school, having to sing his stupid anthem and wave his stupid flag, and thinking `everybody hates him’.”
-Yasmine El Orfi

”We started as peaceful protesters demanding our rights to live and to have dignity and worth, and he forced on us a war,”
-Dr Jallal Al Gallal

”We are not rebels … Please don’t call us that,we are the people of Libya with a just cause and just dreams …
We are only people who demand the simplest things any human being would want.”
-Soliman Bouchuiguir

”For an overwhelming majority of my life my country has been a source of pain, fear and embarrassment, ..now I can feel those three things are lifting.” -Libyan-born novelist Hisham Matar

”Kadafi started killing us from the day he came to power, this is why we hate him. There is no court. A man makes a decision and two people die.”
-Anwar Magariaf

This regime denied me my country. It denied me the house I was born in. It denied me my father, my friends and my family.
It denied me my time of growing up in Libya.
Throughout my entire life I have lived in the shadow of the dictatorship.
It denied me safety and security,”
-Hisham Matar

“My father died in 1993.  I now have to go and visit his grave.  It is going to be painful.  He was ill and I couldn’t see him…
Lots of friends died as well and I couldn’t see any of them.
It is a very painful experience to live in exile.”

-Mohamed Maklouf

”When we were in the square we didn’t have time to be divided between secular and Islamic currents…We were faced with a fight against one enemy.”
-Mohammad Ali Abou Obah

”I recently returned to my homeland in Libya for the first time in 41 years.
I and other members of the royal family endured a long exile in Cairo and elsewhere, keeping our heads down during years when Moammar Ghadafi had hit squads deployed to assassinate opposition elements around the globe.”

-HRH Mohamed Hilal El Senussi

More than 20 of his fellow Libyan air force officers were executed, but he was taken to prison, where he says he was tortured for 15 months. Guards would beat his feet and force him to run on shards of shattered lightbulbs before stringing him up by his hands. ”I never cried. They tortured me and I never cried.”
-Attia al-Mansouri

”We are the same as people in other countries, and are looking for the same things..
We want a democratic government, a fair constitution, and we don’t want to be isolated from the world anymore.”

-Mustafa Abdel Jalil

”I never teased my father again when he coloured his hair or put on those terrible dark shades he often wore on family holidays in Europe.
I didn’t tease him when he asked me to stand away while he checked if the car was wired.”
-Hisham Matar

”He is well known, and feared, throughout the country,” said one exile. ”He’s very ruthless and very ambitious.
Wherever the colonel goes, Senussi is there, too. Gaddafi trusts him with his life.”

The incident was witnessed by my relative’s friend at a bank in the Souk al-Jumaa district.
An old woman, in her late 70s at least, I’m told, entered the bank to collect her 500 Libyan dollars ($410; £253) in state aid announced a couple of weeks ago.
There were two long queues – one for men and one for women. She stood in the men’s queue.
The men urged her to move to the women’s section. ”Why?” she challenged.
A man told her: ”Ya haja [a term of respect for an elderly woman] this line is for men, women is the other one”.
She loudly replied: ”No. All the men are in Benghazi.”

”I was beaten on the back, kicked around when they threw me on the floor and slapped countless times during interrogation,”

”Finally people are not afraid. They want to read what they want. They want to say what they want. Every single Libyan is so surprised.
We didn’t know we had this in ourselves. We have discovered many things about ourselves.”

-Dr. Salem Langhi

”He made us ashamed of our country..He took away our dignity. It was all about him, never about the people. He thought he was Libya. Everything was about loyalty to him. He changed the flag. It was his flag, not our flag.
He changed the name of the country. He even changed the names of the months.”

-Iman Bugaighis


”Saif was educated abroad. Young people were persuaded he was trying to reform in the face of resistance from his father and family..Saif’s speech shocked people, he came out with his father’s face.
All the kids were waiting for his speech.
They were expecting a lot. It was a disaster. We knew then there could be no compromise.
We will have to fight until they are defeated or we are.”

-Jalal Tuwahni

”For people like myself, who are Libyan, but who have been born and raised in exile, Qaddafi’s overthrow would bring the first opportunity to visit a home we have only known from afar.”

Rayyan Ghuma

“Col Gaddafi does not know what human rights mean, and he has no interest in them – he has bombed hospitals and refuses Red Cross members entry,” -Omar Mukhtar,

”I’d like to send a message to the regime. Yesterday Gaddafi was talking as if nothing had happened. He was laughing. People are fighting every day, we just want him out. Not only that, we want revenge. We want him to be judged for what he has done.”

-Ayoob, Zuwarah


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